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    Methanol, alcohol recovery tower-金伯利起重設備
    Methanol, alcohol recovery tower

    Methanol, alcohol recovery tower
    The main purpose:
    The device is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry, dilute alcohol recovery. Is also suitable for other coal distillation methanol solution. The device according to the needs of users, according to about 30 DEG C to 90-95 DEG C dilute alcohol distillation of alcohol, wine alcohol degree requirements high, can increase the reflux ratio, but the yield is reduced accordingly.
    Device characteristics:
    This device adopts metallic stainless steel filler. The distillation tower made of stainless steel, so as to prevent the phenomenon of blocking iron tower packing, extend the period of use of the device. The device in which the contact of alcohol equipment, such as the condenser, pressure tank, cooling coil tubes are used in stainless steel, in order to ensure that the finished product of alcohol is not contaminated. Distillation kettle by detachable U type heating tube, in maintenance can be the U-shaped heating pipe out of the kettle, easy on the heating tube outer wall and the distillation kettle wall cleaning. The device can be intermittent production, but also can be semi continuous and continuous production.

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