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    huabao Chemical

    Anhui Xuelang huabao Chemical Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.



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    Address: Development Zone, Langxi County, Anhui Province

    Tubular condenser-金伯利起重設備
    Tubular condenser

    Company specializing in the production of various types of heat exchangers, has formed the scale of production. Mainly to undertake foreign company for the production of heat exchanger, familiar with the domestic and foreign exchange heat exchanger manufacturing and inspection standards, understand the development direction of heat exchangers in the field of international and domestic latest technology, in the application of the products aimed at the well-known international companies, to provide them with quality services, has accumulated a wealth of design, manufacturing experience. I plant the production of shell and tube condenser, according to material points for carbon steel shell and tube condenser, three kinds of stainless steel shell and tube condenser and carbon steel and stainless steel mixing tube condensation, according to the form of points for the fixed tube plate, floating head type, U type tube type heat exchanger, according to the structure is divided into single side, double tube and multipass, heat transfer area 0.5-500m2, can be customized according to user needs.
    Tubular condenser

    列管式冷凝器 列管式冷凝器


    列管式冷凝器        列管式冷凝器

    列管式冷凝器        列管式冷凝器

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